4 Reasons You Should Invest in Custom Millwork

May 6, 2020

It’s quite inviting to DIY millwork when the structure of the house is completed or you are renovating your home. It may help to save money. But does it really?

Is DIY really the solution?

If you ask for a simple answer, no, it isn’t. You might actually end up spending more money when you try to fix your rookie mistakes. So, it always pays off to invest in quality millwork done by experts.

Let’s discuss this in further detail.

Why do you need millwork?

For those who have recently built their homes might have heard constructionists throw around the term millwork.

If you take off all the millwork, crown moulding, baseboard, columns, etc., the house would still be a house; but not a home.

You can think of the millwork as the fancy clothes of the house; without it, the house would look very naked!

Why invest in custom millwork?

Now that you know the purpose of the millwork, let’s discuss why you should invest in quality millwork done by experts instead of going for DIY.


Nothing can beat the quality of architectural millwork. It upgrades your house. In fact, upgrading is the wrong word. Quality millwork will change the entire look of the place.

It will add elegance and beauty to the place. So, it is crucial to invest in quality millwork by experts who know their thing.

The house must look cohesive in the style. So, make sure that you choose a good team of experts for the millwork.


When experts plan out your millwork, they use many concepts from architecture and math. (Remember Pythagorean theorem from high school? That’s used too!)

However, let’s not go in the complications of Greek & Roman architecture and geometry. All you need to know is that there is a lot of planning and sketching done on paper before the actual work starts.

The experts will prepare detailed architectural millwork drawings for wooden and metal structures. They use modern technology and materials to add more to creativity.

So, unless you are well-versed with architecture and math and interior design, you should not go for DIY.


Custom millwork adds a lot of value to the place. It is the first thing that attracts buyers. It will increase the resale value of the place. So, you should consider custom millwork an investment as well.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your buyers or guests, you should definitely opt for quality millwork.


Custom millwork also lets you be flexible with the materials, design and other details.

For example, if you are buying stock millwork for your home, you will not have a lot of say in the finishing look. If you are going for custom millwork instead, you can choose everything, from the style to the texture and paint of the millwork.

Why not DIY?

There are so many mistakes that people make when installing the millwork themselves. Common issues that DIYers face include cheap materials, safety issues, inconsistent millwork, moulding errors, inconsistent and incoherent design, and the use of incorrect tools. 


Whether you have a home, store, office, restaurant, or even a hospital, quality millwork can boost your environment.

It will add a premium look to any bland place. For example, investing a little in custom millwork for your commercial building can be a smart investment as it will impress your customers.

So, investing in architectural millwork will never go waste.

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