Bespoke Furniture: 3 Benefits of Ordering Custom Cabinetry

June 17, 2020

Buying quality furniture is one of the next few steps after finally moving into your new place. Some real estates do come fully-furnished with all the necessities, while other houses will require its tenants to look for the perfect set of furniture to add to their home.

Most people are comfortable with purchasing readymade cabinets. However, buying these stock options isn’t always the one-size-fits-all solution as they are often claimed. Custom furniture is often the solution in providing you with a tailor-fit cabinet for your home’s needs.

Ordering custom cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is considerably more expensive than readymade furniture that you can purchase at the store. Yet, the difference in price isn’t the only aspect that you should focus on. Custom options have added benefits that will remind you that buying furniture is more than just about comparing costs, but also in making long-term investments.

In this article, we will share with you three benefits of ordering custom cabinetry for your home:

1. It gives you a perfect fit for your rooms

Your home requires different types of cabinets, depending on the room that it’s in. Bedroom closets require large open spaces to fit all your clothes while kitchen options need to be accessible near your cooking area. Unfortunately, not all homes have the right measurements in fitting readymade closets.

Even if you purchase a cabinet that fits well in an area, you could still run the risk of having excess space in your walls, which can look unsightly and can accumulate dust over time. Custom furniture prevents you from wasting your money on closets that are either too small or too big to install to your different rooms. Your contractors will make sure that the option they’ll make is a perfect fit for your home.

2. It expands your furnishing options

Readymade furniture that you can purchase from the store is much easier to buy and install. However, this prevents you from overseeing the project itself in choosing a bespoke cabinet that fits perfectly in your home.

One of custom cabinetry’s most significant benefits is in the name itself. You’ll be able to expand your design options by having it made based on your customized specifications. You’ll also be able to match your cabinet’s space and size depending on the items that you’ll store inside it, such as kitchen tools and silverware.

3. It lasts longer compared to readymade cabinets

Stock cabinets in stores are meant for large scale commercial distribution, which means that their materials and dimensions cater to the general public. This is because manufacturers need to make sure that they can create the most number of units while using the most affordable materials available.

The benefit of having custom furniture is that you’re able to choose between durable materials and colour options that aren’t available in a retail store. You’ll be able to see the progress of your cabinet’s overall creation while knowing that it’s made with a professional’s expertise.


The best way to furnish your home is to invest in materials and appliances that are effective in the long term. Ensuring that you purchase products with a long lifespan will not only just make it easier for you to live in your house, but will also make for a convincing investment in increasing your property’s value.

If you are looking for custom cabinetry in Waterloo, our team of expert artisans at Beaver’s Building can give you the perfect cabinet for your home. Ask us how!

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