A Guide to Picking the Perfect Entry Door Style

September 9, 2020

When it comes to home renovations, less is often more. You can transform the look and upgrade your house’s value with simple but thoughtful touch-ups that don’t require too much money or effort. Subtle changes using high-quality materials and workmanship can make any portion of your home look brand-new and up-to-date in style.

When you want impactful change, you might want to consider the areas that you use multiple times throughout the day, such as your entryway. You probably open your door at least once to go to work, receive packages, or welcome visitors on any given day. When you come home each day, the first thing that will greet you is your front door. It makes sense to give this part of your home some attention during your redesign!

You may not give your front door much thought, but the right door can increase your home’s visual appeal, making it a more pleasant place to come home to. You can choose from a variety of steel, fibreglass, wood, or a combination of these materials to give your house both a beautiful and functional update. 

Infuse some interest into your front step with one of these popular styles:

French Doors

French doors are the perfect choice to open up your foyer and bring in plenty of natural light. These doors are characterized by their glass panes extending for most of, if not the entire length. They typically come in pairs, but you can also opt for a single, wide door framed by window panes extending across the top or flanking either side for maximum effect. They can create a dramatic effect, extending upward and sideward to complement high-ceiling and double-volume entrances.

Craftsman style

When you want a little more privacy, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting, a craftsman style door might be a good option. A typical craftsman-style door has a glass window on the upper portion and panelling across the lower part. The door pairs well with traditional, transitional, or even modern home designs. A custom woodworking shop can create different combinations of recessed panels and glass according to your preferences.


A fitting complement to stone and brick houses are rustic doors. These types of doors are generally made of wood, stained deep cherry, walnut or chocolate brown. They come paired with metal or wrought iron accents like hinges, studs, and bolt closures. Popular rustic doors use less glass but have a window opening like a circular porthole, or a tiny speakeasy-style window with a latched door. 


When you have a more progressive design style, modern doors can break the mould. Modern doors have strong, sleek lines. They are usually flat, without recessed panelling. They tend to highlight the material used, such as metal or glass while adding very little detail to preserve its raw design. Some doors are entirely made of glass that needs to be treated with safety film or other protective material for added security. 


Few features of your home will be seen by both you and the outside world, so you should make an impressive statement with your front door. Switch out the boring rectangle and elevate your entryway with a finely-crafted door. You can watch your house’s entire facade transform with this new accessory that will surely make you look forward to coming home every day.

Are you looking for a custom woodworking shop in Guelph to remake your door? We can design and create unique wood pieces for any part of your home. Contact us today and find out how we can custom design your home accents. 

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