5 Things to Consider When Remodelling Your Kitchen

June 10, 2020

Some people remodel their kitchen to change the style and freshen up their space. Regardless of why you want to remodel your kitchen, you should not compromise its functionality and quality. More than its aesthetics, you should design your kitchen according to its function because that is what defines the value of the space.

With that said, here are five things you should consider in the process of designing your new kitchen:

1. Budget

Your budget guides the decisions that you will make throughout the process. Therefore, you should be wise in setting and spending your budget. Although you may want to save on expenses, you should not do so at the cost of your kitchen’s functionality and flexibility.

Remember that remodelling your kitchen is a lifetime investment, so be wise with every decision.

Some tips on how you can cut down on costs:

  • Cut back unnecessary accessories that do not serve a practical purpose
  • Keep certain kitchen layout such as gas, plumbing, and electric and heating intact
  • Use sustainable materials that allow reusability and recycling

2. Workflow

More than anything, you should invest time and effort when designing your kitchen layout in a way that facilitates ergonomic and efficient kitchen workflow. Identify what you need the most in your kitchen and how you would want to use it.

Remember to follow the “work triangle” rule when designing the layout. This means that your stove, sink, and fridge should be in a triangular orientation. Doing this will increase the allow you to move easily from one important task to the next.

Other things you should consider when designing your kitchen layout:

  • Storage for kitchenware
  • Placement of appliances and other features
  • Lighting, electrical, and plumbing systems

3. Cabinetry

If you are following the trend today, you would know that open shelving is popular in new kitchen designs. These promote minimalism, but some people would agree that it is not ideal in some cases because:

  • It offers limited shelving as you would want to avoid visible clutter
  • It needs more cleaning as it’s prone to dust

If you are remodelling your kitchen, consider hiring a cabinet maker in Kitchener to achieve the design and functionality that you want. Make sure that your cabinetry will do its primary function, which is to store kitchen items.

4. Appliances

If you want to save costs, refrain from buying low-quality appliances. Cheap alternatives might save money initially, but these would most likely need repairs or replacement shortly after. Aside from that, do not buy high-tech and technology-advanced appliances if you know you wouldn’t need them that much.

To save costs, make sure that you buy appliances that are:

  • High-quality
  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable

5. The Right Design Professional

You may have a concrete idea of how you would want your kitchen to look, but how sure are you that you can successfully pull it off? Hiring a design professional will help turn your ideas into reality with more functionality and lower costs.

Additionally, design professionals would know what to avoid and what materials would be best for your space and design.


There are various things you should consider when remodelling your kitchen space. However, you should always prioritize its functionality and quality. When remodelling your kitchen, make sure to set a budget that can match your needs. However, you should be wise in planning its workflow and cabinetry to save on costs. Lastly, consult a design professional to make sure that your kitchen remodel is cost-effective, high-quality, and functional.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and are looking for custom cabinetry in Waterloo, get in touch with our cabinet makers today. We’re happy to help!

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