4 Benefits of Opting for a Custom-Made Staircase at Home

July 22, 2020

No matter how much creativity we put into designing our spaces, whether offices or kitchens, we sometimes get bored with how it looks after a while. When this happens to you, it’s normal to feel the need to change things up a bit to make things a bit more interesting.

With that said, there might come a time where your stairs start to bore you. To prevent that, you might want to consider a custom-made staircase over a premade design. Whether you are installing a new set of stairs or changing an old one, there are a few benefits that this option will give you.

1. Boosts home value

Any good-looking flight of stairs is going to increase a house’s value. However, staircases that are custom built to fit and enhance a room’s appeal are going to do so with greater effect. If you are planning to sell the home, later on, consider having the stairs custom made. Even if you were not to sell the house, you can always relax and look at your beautiful investment.

2. Enhances aesthetics

A sculpture can add a lot of visual interest to any space, and the same can be said about your custom-built stairs. If your home looks dull, custom stairs will add a much-needed aesthetic oomph that can wow you and anyone who lay eyes on them. Thanks to the builders’ masterful skill, you can trust that your dream stairs will also come to reality. 

3. Allows for creativity

Large or small, traditional or modern, a set of stairs designed with creativity can fit any home. For instance, if you have plenty of space to fill, a large staircase with built-in features like storage can help you make the most out of the space without looking out of place. On the other hand, a spiral staircase can be the perfect fit if your home is tiny, offering utility and unique appeal.

4. Fits your room perfectly

As we have mentioned a lot of times already, a custom-built staircase can fit your room perfectly. This is important because, often, we see premade stairs that are too large or too small, either eating up too much space or not providing enough use.

With that said, not only will your custom staircase fit, but it can be made with the materials of your choice. This means that if your room has a wooden theme to it, a staircase that utilizes that material can really drive it home. On the other hand, if you have a sleek and industrial room, metal stairs can make it feel modern and pulled together.


If you were to build stairs in your home or replace what you have already, have one custom-built! That way, you can achieve your dream staircase, which will contribute to your dream home in terms of form and function.

Now, if you are worried that a custom-made staircase is hard to repair, do not fret. By working with the same company that built it, you can work with experts who already know your stairs in and out, allowing them to repair it without too much trouble. Beavers Building offers custom woodworking, specializing in custom furniture, railing, stairs, and more. If you are looking for experts to build your custom stairs in Cambridge, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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