3 Wood Entry Door Styles to Consider - Our Recommendations

August 13, 2020

When building and designing your home, you want to make sure that each aspect evokes a certain feel or mood. For instance, you’d want to make an impression on your guests who visit your home for the first time—and what better way to do it than through a wood door for your entrance?

Wood doors introduce a warm yet elegant feel to any home regardless of its style. Whether you go classic, modern, or unique, having an authentic and custom-made wood entry door will instantly transform your home and make it feel like a brand new place. Here are three wood entry door styles to consider: 


This type of wood entry door is timeless and perfect for any style or period. Classic wood entry doors are flexible, as they can be made from virtually any species of wood, like mahogany or walnut. They can also be dressed up with glass accents, such as half-length glass in the doors. It usually comes with raised moulding to draw more attention to the glass panels.

Classic style wood doors typically have the same species of wood for its other aspects, such as the jambs, mullions, and casing. If you’re eyeing a large wood door for your entrance, then a classic multiple panel door is sure to drastically change the entryway of your house. You’ll definitely impress your guests with this type of wood door!


If you want a more modern feel to your home, then a contemporary wood door makes for a great option. These often feature original and unique designs in the wood layout and in the glass options to really let the door stand out from your neighbours. Just like the classic style, many species of wood can be used to make a contemporary style door, like cherry, red oak, and even knotty alder. Each wood will provide a different look and vibe to your door, making your door even more distinct and uniquely yours.

There is a lot of creative freedom that goes into choosing a contemporary style wood door. An innumerable number of glass options are at your disposal, from clear glass, textured glass, to stained glass. Even other aspects of your door can vary: your hardware can be simple and basic, or you can choose rare and large handle sets that will definitely leave a mark on anyone who sees your house. 


Finally, a craftsman style wood door is another great contender for your entry door. This style is similar to the contemporary style in its unique and distinctive appearance, but the craftsman door isn’t as avant-garde. It lends a strong and sound appearance to your home’s entrance, as the door typically makes use of clean, straight lines. Craftsman style wood doors do not utilize curves or rounded edges, and they are made from very sturdy wood, such as the douglas fir. It uses flat panels, narrow glass, and wider stiles and rails.

Craftsman style doors typically have around two to three vertical panels with minimal amounts of glass seated at the top. They’re usually rectangular, but they sometimes have an arch at the very top. The glass used here is often clear or decorative.


Setting up your home’s entrance with a magnificent wood door is a great way to fortify your home while keeping it stylish. Wood doors are sturdy and durable, which double as a way to protect your home from the elements. They’re also easily customizable, allowing you to design it to your exact liking. Whichever style you choose, you’ll definitely have an unforgettable entrance with your wood door!

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